About Me

 About Me

Hey there!
This is Serena. I'm a student who is majoring in English at University. 
I was interested in learning foreign language once. I studied Japanese for 2 years, 
and also tried to study Portuguese when I was Sophomore, but now I hardly remember Portuguese I learned. I only remember this word.. Muito prazer

I confess, 
I'm not still good at English, even though I'm majoring and studying it for some years. (EXCUSE: You all know that learning foreign language is so hard!) 
I made this blog for myself to improve writing skill, and also for visitors to share their opinion freely with my posting.

So, what would I post on my blog?
I'm going to review a book I read and make comments on them. I'll give a grade in my own way. I took English class, which was 'English conversation' with native professor. He always encouraged us to keep reading books whatever we like. Honestly, I was negative to his way of teaching at first, but soon I found it was really fit me. I've read more than 60 books through the class. (Most of them were short stories, though)
Also, the class was not the end of my reading. I'm enjoy reading short stories recently. 
I prefer detective and mystery stories to boring love stories. 

I hope...
I'd be very pleased if my posting help people who wants to read a book but don't know what to read. Well, if you're not used to reading, then it could be a great start to do with my recommendation. Don't worry, I'm not so interested in serious things such as history of internet, the principle of relativity or atomic physics.

I'm planning to review something else, not only books.
It could be about movie, album or place..whatever!
please enjoy them and also feel free to make a comment.

Thank you!

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